TV companies don’t make the grade, failed recycling efforts, few exceptions

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TV companies don’t make the grade

Friday, November 19, 2008
By Shiri Spear, WWLP TV

Failed recycling efforts, few exceptions

(WWLP) – A report card issued by the Electronic Takeback Coalition rated the recycling habits of big TV brands. Very few have passing marks.

The digital TV conversion is only months away, and millions of old set will wind up in the trash to make way to new LCD or plasma technology.

Big companies are being urged to take accountability for their products from start to finish, because responsible recycling comes at a cost.

It can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between respectable recyclers and the less honest. Crooked companies profit from shipping the toxic electronic waste to developing countries where it poisons landscape and locals.

There are pounds of toxic substances like mercury, lead, and other health hazardous heavy metals in each tossed television set.

In the report card, Sony achieved the highest grade, falling in the ranks of a “B.”  Their ?Take Back My TV” program was an industry first. They reclaim and recycle all their old products at zero cost to you.

Few TV manufactures have national recycling programs; Samsung and LG are among those that do. But most businesses flat out flunked the report. You can find out who made the grade at the Take Back My TV website.

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