The face of e-waste exporting

Reports, studies, films showing the impacts of global e-waste dumping

It may seem hard to believe that our old electronics are causing so much harm to poor communities across the planet. But this problem of e-waste exporting has gone on for so long, it’s been well documented. Here are some examples where you can see the impacts of e-waste exports.

Basel Action Network (BAN) Films and Reports

BAN (a partner group in our coalition) was one of the first groups to sound the alarm about global e-waste dumping, the dirty little secret of the electronics industry. An international watchdog group on toxic trade, they have been featured in CBS “60 Minutes” and PBS “Frontline” coverage of this issue.  More information at

exporting harm reportExporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia”by the Basel Action Network and Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, 2002.

Link to report.

digital dump reportDigital Dump – Exporting Reuse and Abuse to Africa“by the Basel Action Network, 2005.

Link to report.

Link to trailer of the film “Digital Dump.”

Greenpeace Reports

Greenpeace has been diligent in documenting e-waste export impacts in Asia and Africa.

greenpeace report on ghana ewasteChemical Contamination at e-waste recycling and disposal sites in Accra and Korforidua, GhanaGreenpeace International

August 2008

Link to report
Link to video.

greenpeace asia report coverRecycling of Electronic Wastes in China and India: Workplace and Environmental Contamination Greenpeace International.

August 2005.

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Other Resources

“Guiyu, Largest E-Waste Site on Earth” Narrated slide show with excellent photos on e-waste dumping in Guiyu, China by award winning photographer, Chien-Min Chung. “Hidden Flow”Report and film on e-waste dumping in Ghana and Nigeria, by Consumers International, April 2008.

Link to film

Visual Media Coverage

60 minutes logo

Watch the CBS 60 Minutes Segment on E-Waste Export

60 Minutes Follows America’s Toxic Electronic Waste As It Is Illegally Shipped To Become China’s Dirty Secret in “Electronic Wasteland.”

High Tech Trash: Will Your Discarded TV End Up In A Ditch in Ghana? By Chris Carroll, National Geographic Magazine, December 19, 2007.

Read the article

See the photo gallery of e-waste dumping in Ghana. Exceptional photos.


PBS’ Frontline Covers
E-Waste Export in

“Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground”

Watch Frontline coverage