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Recyclers Say No Exports, No Prisons, No Dumping

Electronics recycling firms now have a way to demonstrate to customers that they are upholding high standards, and not exporting e-waste, or sending it to prisons, landfills, or incinerators.

In 2010, the Basel Action Network (BAN) launched the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment®. This is the most rigorous standard available in the electronics industry, anywhere in the world.  It was developed with detailed input from experts in the recycling and asset recovery industries, the environmental community, occupational health and safety professionals, and the certification and accreditation industries.

The e-Stewards standard is the core of a new certification program, whereby accredited third party auditors evaluate a recycler’s conformance to the standard. This new certification program has

Certification Grew from the e-Stewards Pledge Program

Back in 2003, the Basel Action Network developed a voluntary Pledge program for responsible recyclers who were following responsible practices. Recyclers would “pledge” to uphold certain standards, and they were reviewed and “qualified” by reviewers who performed something like a desk audit. While this was a huge step foward, it was still not quite enough to assure customers of the recyclers’ activities. So BAN took the next step to develop the Pledge into a standard.

Currently, the e-Stewards program includes both “Pledged” and Certified e-Stewards. Many of the Pledgers are in the process of becoming certified, and the Pledge program will be discontinued at the end of 2011.

How to become an e-Steward

Reyclers can find details on becoming an e-Steward on that program’s website here.