Acer’s Takeback Program

Details on Acer’s TakeBack Program

Who is Acer? Acer is the #4 selling computer company in the world, # 5 in the U.S.
How to recycle Acer products by mailback  On this page, Acer has information about recycling options in each of the states where takeback laws have been passed. Some states have drop off locations, but most simply point your to their mailback programs. For all other states (or for Acer products not covered under the state laws), Acer has a mailback service to recycle your old Acer branded products in the U.S. Recycling is free, but you must pay a shipping and handling fee  of $13 – $25 per item. (Most people won’t do this, so we don’t view this as a serious effort.)
Where are Acer’s collection sites (to drop off products) In some states, Acer (along with some other manufacturers) has collection sites where you can drop off used products. Start by looking for your state on this page, to see if they have collection sites. Acer also partners with Best Buy for collecting and recycling old Acer products in all states.  You can take them back for free recycling at any Best Buy store. Acer reimburses Best Buy for the cost of collection, recycling, and transportation.
Recycling for business Acer has set up an asset recovery program for business customers working with a vendor called GEEP.
How do I know if Acer will handle my e-waste responsibly We want manufacturers to publish their vendor requirements, as an important step towards transparency. Acer has updated and strengthened their recycling vendor requirements which now say that they will not allow e-waste (defined as non-working parts or devices) to be exported to developing nations. [Note this would be much stronger if it clearly included untested parts or devices, as well as non-working.]  This is an improvement over their old vendor requirements, which lacked any such policy. Because Acer uses some vendors which are only certified to the weak R2 standard, it’s hard for us to know how rigorously they are auditing and enforcing this export policy. That is why we like to see programs use recyclers who are certified to a standard that forbids these kinds of exports.
Does Acer use recyclers who are e-Stewards? Acer is now disclosing its vendors for their consumer takeback program, another important transparency measure. They used to use only recyclers certified to the weak R2 standard. But they have been adding some recyclers who are certified e-Stewards, which is a very positive step. But a consumer still can’t know whether the products they return to Acer’s program will end up in the hands of an e-Steward, or an R2 recycler. For business takeback, they say they work with a company called GEEP  – Global Electronics Reycling. GEEP is now a certified e-Steward.
Link for more info Acer’s recycling website

Updated: Jan 2016