Apple’s Takeback Program

Details about Apple’s Takeback Program


Trade in and recycling at the Apple Stores
In Store Trade In.
You can trade in three things – working iPhones, iPads, and certain smartphones – at most of their stores, for immediate credit towards other products, if the old products meet certain conditions.  [We recommend checking the trade in value using the online trade in calculator first, since it might be different than the value offered at the store.)You can bring back any iPod (working or not) for 10% off a new iPod (except the iPod Shuffle).In Store Recycling. Apple will take back old Apple batteries and iPods for free recycling in their stores. For everything else, you need to use their mail back system.
Trade in and recycling via mailback
Mail-back Trade In.
You can trade in most (but not all) working iPhones, iPads, certain smartphones, and notebooks and desktop computers (Mac or PC) for an Apple gift card. if they have reuse value. Start here to see if your item has any trade in value.  Click on the type of device you want to trade in. You then have 14 days to send the item back, otherwise the trade in quote expires.

Mail-back Recycling.  If your item has no reuse value, you can still send it to Apple to recycle it.
To recycle cellphones and iPods, go here. You can choose whether you want to print out a mailing label (and you pay postage) or have a prepaid mailer sent to you.

For everything else, go to Apple’s recycling program page, run by Sims Recycling Solutions.  Apple will take any brand of computer and monitor, as well as many other items, for free recycling. You will list the items you have to recycle, and to receive a free prepaid shipping label. Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. You can send up to 10 items (max 70 lbs total) via Apple’s mail back program.

How do I know if Apple will handle my e-waste responsibly?

Apple has a very strong policy regarding responsible recycling of e-waste, stating that all e-waste collected in their programs is handled in the same region in which it is collected (and therefore not exported to developing countries). They prohibit use of prison labor for recycling, as well as incineration and landfilling of e-waste. However, they have not committed to only using vendors certified to the rigorous e-Stewards standard.

Apple uses various vendors for its services. The trade in program for computers and monitors is run by a vendor called Power On. They have an online trade-in calculator to give you an idea of whether your product has value. If, once it arrives, they determine that is has no value, they will send it to one of two recyclers in California, currently ECS (an e-Steward) and SIMS Recycling Solutions (which is not an e-Steward).

For trading in iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones, Apple contracts with Brightstar.

Who can use Apple’s free services Individuals and small business. Not offered to institutions, corporations and “enterprise” customers.
What about business customers? For larger business and institutions, Apple offers other volume recycling options. Contact
Read the small print(Details you need to know)
  • If you get a quote for a trade in, it’s only good for 14 days. If you don’t manage to send your stuff back within those 14 days, go back to the website to get an updated quote.
  • They don’t take back your stuff at the Apple retail stores except iPods and Apple batteries.
Link for more details

Apple’s recycling web page.   Apple’s recycling program FAQs.

Updated: Jan 2016