Dell’s Takeback Program

Details on Dell’s Takeback Program

How do you get free recycling from Dell? Dell’s Mailback Program
Dell will take back any Dell product for free recycling, even if you aren’t buying a new one. Go here to get a Fedex shipping label. You will need to provide your own box and packing materials. Then drop it off at any Fedex location, or call Fedex for a pick up.They will also take back a non-Dell computer if you are buying a new Dell system. Just select “free recycling” when you are customizing your new system. You can ship the equipment back for free using their pre-printed Fedex shipping label. You will need to provide your own box and packing materials. Then drop it off at any Fedex location, or call Fedex for a pick up.  More info on the Dell Mailback program.

Reconnect/Goodwill program (drop off program). In its Reconnect Program, Dell partners with over 2000 Goodwill locations in the U.S. to provide drop-off locations for used computer equipment. They will refurbish it or recycle it for free. They accept the following at all participating Goodwill locations:

  • Monitors
  • Computers (desktop, laptops, but not always tablets)
  • Printers and scanners
  • Keyboards, mice, speakers

They MAY accept the following, but contact them first to confirm:

  • Televisions
  • Cellphones
  • Tablets

More details on items they accept: link

Staples: Dell no longer has a partnership with Staples stores for recycling.

How do I know if Dell will handle my e-waste responsibly? Policy: Dell has a policy that says they will not export non-working equipment or parts from developed nations to developing nations. This is the strongest policy in the industry.
How can you tell if they are living up to this policy? The only way we can know whether a company’s recycling vendors are actually adhering to a responsible policy is through certified audits and transparent reporting. The recyclers should be certified under an independent accredited program, using third party auditors, as adhering to high standards, such as the e-Stewards program.
Does Dell use recyclers who are e-Stewards? Dell does not publicly disclose its recycling vendors. Dell has not agreed to work only with vendors who are certified to the new e-Stewards standard, or to require their vendors to seek this certification. In fact, Dell has been a strong advocate of a much weaker standard (called R2), which allows exports. While Dell’s public policy is very strong, Dell lacks transparency – about who their recyclers are and how they are meeting the no export policy.
Who can use Dell’s free services Anyone can use it. They have an asset recovery program for business customers.
What about business customers? Businesses can also use Dell’s asset recovery system to sell old equipment. Details are on their asset recovery website.
Read the small print(Details you need to know) Not all Goodwills participate in the Reconnect program. Dell has been signing up more and more Goodwills over the years, but check before you go.
Link for more details Dell’s U.S. consumer recycling web page.

Dell’s business recycling (asset recovery) page.

Last update: Jan 2016