Lenovo’s Takeback Program

Details on Lenovo’s Takeback Program

How to get free computer recycling from Lenovo Lenovo now offers free recycling of old Lenovo and some IBM products for consumers and small businesses in the US, through their takeback program.

Lenovo will take back Lenovo and some IBM products for free regardless of their value.

How to use Lenovo’s recycling system Lenovo’s program is a mail-back program, where you ship your products back to them (they pay for shipping for Lenovo and IBM products).

Start here to use the AERCCR mail back program.
You will need to provide your own box and packing materials. Weight limit per package is 69 lbs. Maximum box size limit is 26x26x26 inches.  Once you “register” your product on the Lenovo website, you will download a prepaid mailing label, that is either for the US Post office or UPS (depending on what you are sending).

How do i know if Lenovo will handle my e-waste responsibly? Transparency is important when it comes to evaluating responsible recycling.  There is little transparency on Lenovo’s site.

Lenovo does not disclose its vendor for business takeback (asset recovery services) in the U.S. It does say that they work with AERCCR Reverse Logistics Group for their U.S. consumer mailback program, but it’s not clear who the various recycling vendors are around the country.

Lenovo has a vague statement on their website:  “Supplier facility qualifications include requirements for not using prison labor, having acceptable controls to ensure no exporting of hazardous waste to non-OECD countries, only reselling functional products and parts, regular reporting of environmental performance, processes for ensuring maximum reuse and recycling are achieved, among other criteria.

Does Lenovo work with recyclers certified to the e-Stewards standard? No. While they claim they support recyclers being certified, they accept certification to either the R2 or e-Stewards Standards.  R2 is a much weaker standard, that allows e-waste exports to developing nations. The e-Stewards standard bans e-waste exports to developing nations. But Lenovo is mostly working with vendors meeting the lower R2 standard. Lenovo says they have recycling vendors with 11 facilities in the U.S., and 6 of them are certified to R2, and 3 more in process for R2 Certification, yet only one is pursuing e-Steward certification.  (They don’t name the companies.)
What does Lenovo take back? Laptops, desktops, CRT monitors, flat panel monitors, cell phones, plus accessories: keyboards, mice, power cords, phone charger, battery.
Who can use Lenovo’s free services Consumers and small business.  Big business can use their asset recovery program, but there are fees (like with most companies).
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