LG’s Takeback Program

Details on LG’s Recycling Program

Who can get free recycling from LG? LG collection sites: Go here and click on “find a drop off site” to enter your zip code to find LG’s drop off sites.
LG’s recycling programs are free only to consumers. Businesses must pay a fee.
How do I know if LG will handle my e-waste responsibly? Policy:  In 2011, LG made a public announcement that they will work only with certified e-Stewards recyclers – which are using the highest standards in the recycling industry. We applaud LG for making this commitment.
Does LG use recyclers who are e-Stewards? Learn more about e-Stewards In the U.S., LG works with the following recyclers, all of whom are e-Stewards:

  • Waste Management Recycle America (WMRA),
  • Materials Processing Corporation (MPC),
  • Metech Recycling and
  • Electronic Recyclers International (ERI)
Free TV recycling from LG LG will take back products with the LG, Zenith or GoldStar name on it. This includes televisions, monitors, audio equipment, video cassette players and recorders, DVD players and recorders, combination TV/VCR and TV/DVD units, set top boxes and accessories associated with those products. This does not include home appliances like refrigerators.

There used to be this limitation, but the new website is silent on this: Consumers may drop off up to 5 LG-branded items at a time to the designated LG collection sites. There is no fee to consumers for the covered LG-brand products; other brands will be accepted, but a fee may be charged by Waste Management for non-LG brands.

Residents of ME and WA If you live in Maine or Washington State, LG’s location list doesn’t show all the options available to you. (There are shared collection sites, not specific to LG, that don’t show up on LG’s website.) Use these links:Washington Collection Sites

Maine Sites – Here’s a list of all the Maine municipal collection sites (opens an excel sheet) although some charge fees.

Free recycling of LG cell phones This was the old information, but this is now missing from the LG website (Feb 2013)

Cell phones, PDA, and GPS devices are covered by a separate, free mail-back program. Use their EcoMobile website to download a prepaid postal mailing label to send these items back for recycling, or to locate collection events in your area. (They don’t have to be LG brands – they will accept any brand.) They also provide a link for requesting a mail back shipping package.Or these can also be dropped off at the Waste Management sites listed above.

Mail back option Only for cell phones, PDAs, and GPS, shown above.
What is LG’s export policy? LG was the first company to agree to use e-Stewards recyclers exclusively globally. They have improved their transparency with their latest website upgrade, so you can see which vendor is attached to the collection sites shown.

LG’s global website says they don’t export e-waste to developing countries, but they don’t provide their definition of “e-waste” or their specific vendor requirements,  so it’s hard to be sure what they mean. But they do use only e-Stewards recyclers, and those companies do not export e-waste (including non-working or untested products) to developing countries.

LG takes back packaging LG has a packaging takeback program as well. For information, call 1-800-797-2061
Link for more details LG’s recycling website