Sony’s Takeback Program

Details on Sony’s Takeback Program

Who can get free recycling from Sony?

Sony was the first TV company in the US to offer free TV takeback, back in 2007. But their takeback program has undergone some changes since then. Recently, Sony has eliminated the trade-in aspect of their program.

Sony will take back Sony products for free recycling at their collection sites.

Enter your zip code on their electronics recycling page to see collection sites near you. They say they may take non-Sony products for a fee, but you need to call the site to ask.

If you are buying a new TV from Sony’s store and getting in-home premium delivery, they will take away your old TV for free.

Sony’s main recycling page for e-waste and batteries.

Sony’s recycling FAQs.

How do I know if Sony will handle my e-waste responsibly? Sony used to be much more transparent about this. They no longer publicly name their e-waste recycling vendors on their website. They say they are responsibly recycling but they provide no details. They no longer speak to the issue of not exporting hazardous e-waste on their site. We can no longer find a clear detailed recycling policy or vendor requirements on Sony’s site. All of these things used to be visible and available. While printed policies alone are no guarantee that items are being managed responsibly, Sony’s lack of any detailed policy concerns us.
Does Sony use
e-Stewards reyclers?

Sony does not publicly name their recyclers any more, so we can’t tell. While they don’t name them specifically, their primary recycling partner seems to be IMS Electronics Recycling (not an e-Steward) based in California, since the link to Sony’s recycling program leads to a url on the IMS website.

Sony has joined the EPA’s SMS program, which requires use of certified recyclers, but that includes those certified to the weaker R2 standard as well as e-stewards.

In their 2013 report to the EPA, they named the following recycling partners:

  • R2-only certified vendors: IMS Recycling, Dynamic Recycling, Good Point Recycling, Arrow Recovery, E-World Online.
  • R2 and e-steward vendors: Vintage Tech, Waste Management

In their 2014 report to the EPA, they claimed this list as confidential.

Link to Sony’s reports to EPA.

Smaller Sony products  It appears that Sony no longer offers its “GreenFill” collection boxes for smaller electronics. 
Mail back options It appears that Sony no longer offers its mail back program.

Last updated: Feb 4, 2016