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Electronic Wasteland

By Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes, CBS, November 6, 2008

60 Minutes Follows America’s Toxic Electronic Waste As It Is Illegally Shipped To Become China’s Dirty Secret in “Electronic Wasteland”.

View the Segment. Read the Transcript.

Two stories from Business Week’s investigative team:

E-Waste: The Dirty Secret of Recycling Electronics.

Lax rules and weak enforcement allow scrap companies to profit by sending junked computers, printers, and TVs overseas. Link to story.

By Ben Elgin and Brian Grow, October 15, 2008

High Tech Trash: Will Your Discarded TV End Up In A Ditch in Ghana?

By Chris Carroll, National Geographic Magazine, December 19, 2007. Read the article.

See the photo gallery of e-waste dumping in Ghana.

Dangerous Fakes:How counterfeit, defective computer components from China are getting into U.S. warplanes and ships.

Link to story and slideshow.

By Brian Grow, Chi-Chu Tschang, Cliff Edwards and Brian Burnsed, October 2, 2008

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