Find A Responsible Recycler: The E-Stewards Program

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If your product is too old or too broken to donate, you should recycle it.

But please be careful in choosing your recycler. Sadly, most recyclers simply export your old products, dumping them on developing nations. More on global e-waste dumping.

Your best recycling option is to see if there is an e-Steward (a responsible recycler) near you. Click on your state on the map below to find out. E-Stewards are recyclers who have been qualified under the Basel Action Network’s pledge program, who agree to operate under strict environmental controls, to follow worker safety protections, and to not export toxic e-waste to developing countries. (Starting in 2010, the e-Steward program will be an audited certification program.)

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e-Stewards Certification:
The New Gold Standard For Responsible Electronics Recycling

esteward logoThe Basel Action Network (BAN) has completed its new “e-Steward” standards for electronics recyclers, the higest standard now available in the industry. The new standard will be used for BAN’s upcoming e-Stewards certification program, which will launch in 2010.

BAN has administered its Recyclers “Pledge of True Stewardship” program for many years, asking recyclers to voluntarily “Pledge” to adhere to high road standards, like not exporting toxic e-waste to developing countries, not sending it to prison labor facilities, and not incinerating e-waste. While Pledgers had to pass a review process, the program was not a full certification program, with third party on-site auditing. Because this industry is plagued by exporters and fake recyclers, the need is very great for a certification program to help customers separate responsible recyclers from fake ones.

In developing the e-Stewards standard, BAN consulted with electronics manufacturers, recyclers, asset recovery companies, refiners, and experts to define a rigorous but practical global standard with environmental, social, and occupational parameters to finally solve the “e-waste anarchy.”

Now that the standard is complete, BAN is working now on launching the rest of the certification program. The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) will provide accreditation for the certifying bodies that will audit and certify the e-Stewards Certification program.

Copy of the standard
The e-Stewards standard incorporates the IS0 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems, something that many recyclers are already being certified to. Because that is a standard that is not publicly available (and is only available for purchase) the BAN cannot make the full standard available for free to the public. It is available for purchase now for $125 on the e-Stewards website.

But BAN has also made available a excerpted version of the standards. It summarizes the ISO portion of the standards, and includes the rest of the industry specific standards. While you can’t use this for certification purposes, you can see the summarized version here.

FAQ on the e-Steward Program (Opens PDF)

Visit the e-Steward website

E-Stewardship: taking responsibility in the information age

Did you know that 80% of discarded electronics poison people in developing countries?

Watch the film to learn more about the problem of irresponsible recycling and qualified e-Stewards are providing the answer.