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ETBC Promotes Solutions to the Electronic Waste Problem

Shifting the costs for managing discarded computers and electronics to brand owners and producers creates a powerful market incentive to improve product design and reduce the use of toxic materials. The policy response to America’s e-waste crisis must protect the public health, the environment, and taxpayers by promoting clean design and the environmentally superior management of discarded products.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition uses several strategies to promote the producer responsibility solution:

Manufacturer Recycling Programs – producer takeback

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition uses “market campaign” strategies to pressure companies directly into creating and improving their takeback programs, including responsible recycling. Recently our focus has been on the television industry. Six TV companies now have national takeback programs.

For more information, go to our Producer Takeback section.

Legislation Mandating Producer Responsibility

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition has been building substantial momentum for state-level policy reform requiring brand owner financed collection and recycling of hazardous electronic products. Already eight states have passed laws mandating producer responsibility, and many more are considering it.

For more information, including our Legislative Toolkit, go our legislation section:

Green Design

Manufacturers are the most responsive to demands from their consumers. Business and consumers alike seek Green Electronics. But this industry has a long way to go in providing them. More on Green Design.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition encourages institutional purchasers to use their buying power to demand “greener” products from computer companies. For more information, see our section on Purchasing.

Responsible Recycling

As we promote more opportunities for consumers and business to bring back our old electronics for recycling, we must be sure we are getting these products to responsible recyclers who will handle them properly, including NOT simply exporting them to developing countries, or sending them to prison labor recycling plants. Learn more about our responsible recycling solutions: >> Responsible Recycling