Promote Good Laws

Legislation and Policy

E-waste policy is being passed at the state, federal and the local level.

State Legislation and Policy

There is no national law in the U.S. mandating e-waste recycling. But 25 states have passed e-waste recycling laws.

State Legislation Main Page. What laws have been passed, and how do they compare to each other? What states are trying to pass laws, or modify existing laws? Here you will find answers to these questions, plus links to each state bill, the state agency’s websites, and more.

State Legislation History. Chronology of state policy.

Toolkit for State Legislative Advocates. Fact sheets, tools developed by advocates for state legislation, reports and analysis helpful for those working on legislation.

Federal Legislation and Policy

Federal Legislation Overview. What federal legislation is pending? Why isn’t there a federal takeback law? What is Congress considering?

Local Legislation and Policy

ETBC has not focused on local (municipal)legislation, but there are several groups actively working on this, particularly through Product Stewardship organizations emerging in many states. A good resource for all things local is the Product Policy Institute. They focus on electronics as well as other toxic products.