State Legislation

States with e-waste takeback laws.

States Are Passing E-Waste Legislation

So far, 25 states have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling. Several more states are working on passing new laws or improving existing laws.

All laws except California and Utah use the Producer Responsibility approach, where the manufacturers must pay for recycling. This means that 65% of the population of the U.S. is now covered by a state e-waste recycling law.

How Do The Laws Work?

Brief Comparison of State E-Waste Laws.
This chart compares all the state e-waste laws against basic criteria.

Scope of Products in E-waste Laws
This chart compares the scope of products of all e-waste laws. Generally, the scope of products is getting broader, with more recent laws including more products including printers, faxes, and other devices.

How Much E-Waste Comes Back Under State Programs?
This chart shows collection volumes from the states with e-waste programs.  Compares results between states, by converting to pounds per person basis. You can see a significant range in results.

What have we learned from the 25 states that have passed e-waste laws? What are the conclusions and policy recommendations based on those lessons learned?

States Where You Can’t Throw E-Waste Into the Trash.
Which states have passed laws keeping e-waste out of landfills and/or incinerators?

Find many more tools and more information on our state legislative toolkit page.

Details on the State Laws and Programs


Date signed into Law

Start date for recycling

Link to Law or bill

State program website

States and Cities with Producer Responsibility Laws
Connecticut July 2007 Rulemaking delayed start of collection until early  2011.
Hawaii July 2008 Jan 2, 2010
Illinois Sept 17, 2008 Jan 1, 2010
Indiana May 13, 2009
Amended in 2012
April 1, 2010
Maine 2004 initial law
2009 – expanded scope of products
2011 – expands covered entities
Initial program began Jan 2006
Maryland 2005 Jan 2006
Modified 2008 and 2012
Program Info
Michigan Dec 26, 2008 April 1, 2010 Agency website
Minnesota May 2007 August 2007
Missouri June 16, 2008 July 1 2010 or after State agency program websitee-cycle Missouri website
New Jersey Signed Jan 15, 2008
Amended bill signed Jan 12, 2009
Jan 1, 2011
New York State May 29, 2010 April 1, 2011
New York CITY INT 728 signed by Mayor 4/1/2008INT 729 Vetoed by Mayor but council overrode 5/14/08 July 1 2009 date was delayed by lawsuit against law Passed as 2 separate laws in 2008:Local Law 13 established the program. Local law 21 established the goals. Law was pre-empted by the New York State law. Lawsuit was dropped.
North Carolina Aug 2007 Bill adding TVs passed Aug 2008 Jan 1, 2010
  • NC Bill (This is an omnibus waste bill. See Section 16 for e-waste language.)
  • 2008 Bill adding TVs to program.
  • 2010 bill added printers, scanners to definition of computers
  • 2015 saw an attempt to repeal this law. It ended up as a study bill. Findings are due April 1, 2016.

Chaptered law. Starts at § 130A-309.130

State agency e-waste site
Oklahoma May 13, 2008 Jan 1, 2009


Oregon June 2007 Amended June 29, 2011 Jan 1, 2009Amended scope takes effect in 2015
Pennsylvania Nov 23, 2010  Jan 2012 Penn law  State agency website
Rhode Island Jun 27, 2008 Feb 1, 2009


State e-waste site
South Carolina

May 19, 2010

Mar 4, 2014

July 1, 2011 State agency e-waste site
Texas Computer law passed June 2007TV law passed June 2011 Sept 1, 2008
Vermont April 19, 2010 July 1, 2011 Vermont bill
Virginia March 11, 2008 July 1, 2009 Virginia bill
Washington Mar 2006 Began Jan 1, 2009
West Virginia

April 1, 2008

March 10, 2016 repealed landfill ban


July 1 2009
Wisconsin Oct 23, 2009 Jan 1, 2010

Reports on program:

States with Consumer Fee Laws or Other Models
California 2003 California Laws and Program Info Even though California passed an ARF bill for e-waste, in Sept 2007 the State Agency adopted a resolution calling for an extended producer responsibility (EPR) approach and framework for future state policy.
Detailed policy on EPR .
Utah March 22  2011 No collection required – just education on recycling. Utah bill