What is EPEAT?

EPEAT stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. Launched in July 2006 by the EPA, EPEAT was started as a tool to help institutional purchasers evaluate and select laptops, desktop computers, and monitors according to a list of preferred environmental attributes. Currently, EPEAT standards are being developed for Televisions and “Imaging Equipment” which includes printers, scanners, copiers, and multi-function devices. These standards, which will be completed in 2011, will cover both business and consumer products. (The computer standard currently only covers business equipment.)

How does it work?

Manufacturers can register their IT products at the bronze, silver, or gold level. (They evaluate their products themselves.) EPEAT has mandatory criteria, which must be met for a product to be registered bronze, and optional criteria that if achieved can yield silver or gold status.

EPEAT Quick Search Tool For Products Registered in

Bronze Silver Gold Totals
Desktops 1 54 91 146
Displays 0 255 180 435
Integrated Desktop Computers 1 60 12 73
Notebooks 42 658 777 1477
Thin Clients 0 12 3 15
Workstation Desktops 0 0 15 15
Workstation Notebooks 0 1 6 7
Total: 44 1040 1084 2168


What Products Are Part of EPEAT?

Currently, EPEAT only applies to institutional IT equipment. Some companies are using it to grade some of their consumer equipment, but most use it for their business equipment only. EPEAT is in the process of expanding to cover other electronics, including imaging devices (printers, copiers, etc) and televisions. Use the EPEAT seach tool to look for EPEAT-rated equipment. You can search by equipment type or by manufacturer.

Does EPEAT Really Tell You Which Products Are Green?

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition participates in the EPEAT process, although we believe that EPEAT doesn’t go far enough in several key respects. Purchasers who want tools that ask for greener products should see our “Beyond EPEAT” computer purchasing criteria.

Federal Agencies must use EPEAT

All Federal agencies must purchase 95% or higher EPEAT registered products in all relevant product categories.